Twin Secret Agents Luxor + Tanta are here!

Luxor, the one wearing the small hat has an extraordinarily squishy body. And no it’s not fat. Bump him and you will be catapulted high up into the sky! His hobbies include talking to trees and banging pots and pans together.

The twin is Tanta with the eyeglasses. He burps. It’s gross. It smells. You gasp! You run. He spends his days eating boogers and tripping Luxor on a daily basis.

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Secret Agent Berlin from Germany has landed!

She is on a very hush hush assignment so mum’s the word. Be aware, she is no ordinary agent. She has a strange but powerful gift.

Berlin has secret super magnets hidden in her feet. Be nice to her. Otherwise you’ll find yourself uncomfortably stuck inbetween the super strong magnets.

Download a free Berlin note card right here! You can color her any way you want.

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Since we’re all in quarantine, why not have some fun and color. Here are 3 free printable coloring pages. Join secret agent SF + friends on a sunny day picnic.

All you have to do is print them and start coloring! Print as many times as you like! Come back next week for new secret agent coloring pages.

Please everyone,… stay home and stay healthy!

Don’t forget to browse through the newest secret agents or find an old one from the past.

Picnic with SF + Friends!