Get to know some of the retired agents. Visit our etsy shop and grab a tee before they’re gone, gone, GONE!

Secret Agent Kyoto

It’s me! Secret Agent Kyoto from Japan. My odd, but special gift is that I can flex my body like an accordion which allows me to leap high above the tallest buildings!

Hobbies: Photographing kitty cats, indulging in milkshakes and singing 80’s tunes in my car. Please don’t feed me raisins!

Last sighting: Making Stracciatella in a local gelateria in Rome, Italy.

Secret Agent Goris

It’s me! Secret Agent Goris from Armenia. My odd, but special gift is collecting menacing rodents, rude people, and annoying tattletales. A few squirts of my fresh bamboo spray hypnotizes the pests and they are no longer nuisances! *Note: Spray can be used on smaller siblings.

Hobbies: Coloring the walls of my room and feeding stray animals that visit my yard. Sometimes I gulp grape soda too.

Last sighting: Buying cases of grape soda in a Seattle, Washington grocery store.

Secret Agent Zaria

It’s me! Secret Agent Zaria from Nigeria. What is my odd, but special gift? I am a painter and have an xlarge paintbrush with foot long bristles that are used to aggressively tickle your nose if you get too close to me. While you’re busy sneezing, I escape but first paint a moustache across your face.

Hobbies: Jewelry making, baking and eating cupcakes, and dancing in my slippers.

Last sighting: Cupcake eating contest in which she got sick from an overdose of sugar!

Secret Agent Cairo

It’s me! Secret Agent Cairo from Egypt. My odd, but special gift is that I am an expert at creating a mess. I can kick up dirt, rocks or sand at a very high speed. With a cloud of dirt and dust surrounding you, I quickly scurry off!

Hobbies: Digging up mom’s plants and pulling flowers from their stems. I also enjoy dart throwing. Wolverine is my favorite X-Men character.

Last sighting: Digging an underground hole from his bedroom to his dog, Bernie’s dog house.

Secret Agent Siena

It’s me! Secret Agent Siena from Italy. My odd, but special gift? The circles on my skirt are detachable. When flung onto the ground, they become an oil slick and my enemies slip and slide away.

Hobbies: Making chocolate souffles and collecting Sanrio toys. I like to eat buttered popcorn while watching movies too.

Last sighting: Bicycling through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA.

Secret Agent Kigali

It’s me! Secret Agent Kigali from Rwanda. My odd, but special gift is that I am obsessive about lint. Armed with a sticky paper lint roller, I de-lint everything from couches to dads. If you upset me, I will throw my collection of lint at you. Watch out as I wrap you up in sticky paper.

Hobbies: Pounding on my drum set and eating cheesy pizza.

Last sighting: Touring Europe and playing drums for the band, “The Hanzo’s.”