Whisk yourself away into the imaginary world of gohgirl where you will find a cast of characters with a secret. On the surface, the illustrations are cute and harmless but what lies beneath?

Meet our cast of international secret agents that hail from all over the world including Yemen, Israel, Maine, USA, Cambodia, Finland, Liberia, Scotland, Luxembourg and Malyasia. Be aware, they are no ordinary agents. Each possesses a curiously strange but odd gift. Some people find resemblances of the agents to themselves, a co-worker, siblings or a friend. Which one are you?

Meet the current active agents…

Secret Agent Sanaa

It’s me! Secret Agent Sanaa from Yemen. My odd but special gift? I have a giraffe like neck that can extend and stretch out to 6 feet tall. This makes it easy to see everything, everywhere!

Hobbies: Rollerskating in parks, picking wild flowers, and sipping on cafe lattes with a side of cookies!

Last sighting: Making Stracciatella in a local gelateria in Rome, Italy.

Secret Agents Haifa + Acre

It’s us! Secret Agents Haifa + Acre from Israel. Our odd but special gifts? We spin records to hypnotize you, we get time warped to a different place. While we’re gone, get into the groove and strike a pose!

Hobbies: Walking backwards, using living room furniture to make an obstacle course for Acre, and munching on crunchy Japanese food snacks.

Last sighting: At a ping pong tournament but got disqualified because Acre stole the ball!

Secret Agent Ipoh

Hey you! Secret Agent IPOH from Malaysia here. My odd but special gift? My head shrinks into my neck and when you least expect it, I pop out and scream “Peek a Boo!”

Hobbies: Snapping rubberbands on dad, throwing a baseball, and crashing toy trucks together.

Last sighting: At local candy store, stuffing my face with gummy worms!

Secret Agent Berlin

Grrr.., It’s Secret Agent from Berlin. My odd but special gift? I have magnetic hands and feet! Be nice to me. Otherwise you’ll find yourself uncomfortably stuck in-between my super strong magnets.

Hobbies: Stomping around on floors, knitting knee high wool socks, and enjoying afternoon tea with almond croissants.

Last sighting: On an airplane knitting wool socks for a fashion show in Paris, France.

Secret Agents Grenville + Kompat

It’s us! Secret Agent Grenville from Grenada + Kompat from Cambodia. Our odd but special gifts? With supernaturally fast hands, I can create an army of origami animals with recycled newspaper in lightning speed. One by one I finger flick them at my target. My pooch Kompat is a motormouth, jabber jaws and a yakkity yak. He barks a mile a minute without shutting up. You develop a headache and want to run!

Hobbies: Jumping into mud puddles, whacking off doll heads and eating scoops of chocolate chip ice cream.

Last sighting: Both were spotted at a Hawaiian beach digging up sand to build a enormous sand castle!

Secret Agent Espoo

Oh hello. I’m Secret Agent Espoo from Finland. My odd but special gift? I have the ability to control your hands. I can make you pull your ears and pinch your behind. For a laugh, I’ll make you perform a hand shadow puppet show.

Hobbies: Pounding on my drum set, eating cheesy pizza with extra cheese, and baking cakes for secret agent Paisley.

Last sighting: Touring Europe and playing drums for the band, “The Hanzo’s.”

Secret Agent Paisley

Shhhh! Secret Agent Paisley from Scotland here. My odd but special gift? Cake! Once consumed, the sugar gives me such a rush that I uncontrollably bounce off walls, human bodies, and whatever else comes my way.

Hobbies: Hiding cookies in car seats, watching airplanes fly by, and pulling ear lobes.

Last sighting: Playing the cymbals at her school Winter Wonderland musical performance.

Secret Agent Harbel

It’s me!I Secret Agent Harbel from Liberia. My odd but special gift? I collect belly lint and will smother you with it if you try to corner me with no escape.

Hobbies: Crawling up stairs, watching my sister dance and picking up foreign objects on the ground.

Last sighting: Dragging my sister through the mud after a morning rain shower!

Secret Agent Wiltz

It’s me!I Secret Agent Wiltz from Luxembourg. My odd but special gift? I’m a jumper with super glue like feet. Once I land on your back, you can’t shake me off no matter how hard you try.

Hobbies: Getting belly rubs, chasing small rodents, and snacking on fried chicken.

Last sighting: Spending days sprawled out on a deck, sunning my belly, and chasing birds.