Whisk yourself away into the imaginary world of gohgirl where you will find a cast of characters with a secret. Underneath the cute illustrations are international secret agents that have curiously strange but odd gifts!

On the surface, the tee illustrations are cute and harmless but what lies beneath? Meet our cast of international secret agents that hail from all over the world including Yemen, Israel, Maine, USA, Cambodia, Finland, Liberia, Scotland, Luxembourg and Malyasia. Be aware, they are no ordinary agents. Each possesses a curiously strange but odd gift. Some people find resemblances of the agents to themselves, a co-worker, siblings or a friend. Which one are you?

Meet the current active agents…


Meet SANAA, a secret agent from Yemen. I have a giraffe like neck that can extend and stretch out to 6 feet tall. This makes it easy to see everything, everywhere!

Haifa + Acre

Meet DJ HAIFA + ACRE, secret agents from Israel. As we spin records to hypnotize you, we get time warped to a different place. While we’re gone, get into the groove and strike a pose!


Meet IPOH, a secret agent from Malaysia. I can shrink my head into my neck to look like an inanimate object. When you least expect it, I pop out and scream “Peek a boo!”


Meet WILTZ, a secret agent from Luxembourg. I’m a jumper with super glue like feet. Once I land on your back, you can’t shake me off no matter how hard you try.


Meet GRENVILLE, a secret agent from Grenada. With supernaturally fast hands, I create an army of origami animals with recycled newspaper in lightning speed. One by on I finger flick them at my target.


Meet KOMPAT, a secret agent from Cambodia. I’m a motormouth, jabber jaws and a yakkity yak. I talk a mile a minute without shutting up. You develop a headache and want to run!


Meet ESPOO, a secret agent from Finland. I have the ability to control your hands. I can make you pull your ears and pinch your behind. For a laugh, I’ll make you perform a hand shadow puppet show.


Meet HARBEL, a secret agent from Liberia. I collect belly lint and will smother you with it if you try to corner me with no escape.